Activities and Social Services


 Recipient of the 2012 Quality Program Award for Life Enrichment Facility-Based Activity from the IHCA!

Activity Programs

A positive and uplifting atmosphere largely determines one’s quality of life. We strive to create social programs and individualized activities to match the capabilities and needs of each patient. This also has a powerful impact in the healing process of those residents involved in some type of rehabilitation. Specific activities can include:

  • Active resident council
  • Musical performances
  • Bell playing and outings
  • Fitness and Fitness Equipment
  • Warm Reminiscing Opportunities
  • Friendly residents to visit with
  • Religious Services
  • Live Entertainment
  • Cards and Games
  • Monthly outings during favorable weather
  • Encouragement
  • Bingo

Monthly calendars are posted in every room to keep residents informed of upcoming events. We always welcome friends and families to visit during scheduled events and welcome all spontaneous activities.

Social Services

Financial questions are often a concern during transitional periods for our residents and their families. Our Social Worker answers those questions and provides essential information. She also manages requests and concerns, as well as helps in care planning and discharge planning for each patient. She is happy to assist you with your Medicare, Medicaid and insurance questions.


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